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civill engineering ltd

"The Best crew food

we've ever had!"

"Amazing food and amazing service"

"These guys smashed a 200 person summer event without breaking a sweat!"




We believe the best bbq starts with the best ingredients. This is why we source all of our ingredients responsibly. We look beyond the more traditional aspects of cost and delivery time and we choose the best local suppliers who respect the industry making sure we have excellent produce with full traceability. We understand the importance of supporting local businesses and source our produce locally. We buy all of our meats from 2 local wholesalers and use the freshest seasonal fruit and veg from businesses nearby.


Everything you taste from the flavour trailer is prepared by hand with love and care. We take great pride in firing up the smoker and getting it right ourselves. We use clean restaurant grad lump wood charcoal and locally sourced oak logs to flavour our meat. The meat and sides we cook will be prepared and cooked only by us. Our focus is to show the British public low and slow barbecue by bringing together great produce and real barbecue cooking techniques


The eating is done by none other than yours truly so book us for your event! Or, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out where we will be next. 


If it's a public or private event we make sure our service is on point every single time. We believe that excellent service doesn't just stop at excellent food. We are always friendly and proffessional making your experience perfect every time.