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Flavour Trailer Origin Story

The Flavour Trailer is the best burger in Northampton. You said that not us, but where did your award winning burgers all begin?

On an adventure somewhere in the alps in 2012, your founders Maz and Chaz started their culinary journey together. Over the next 8 years Maz and Chaz honed their chef skills working in kitchens across Europe and London. Then, just like a bolt of lightning, an idea struck them… “Let’s get a food truck”. Ok so the idea was a little more specific than that. “Get a food truck and serve amazing food”. This soon developed into a burger based obsession. This obsession is The Flavour Trailer. 


Inspired by a true love of burgers, our concept is a combination of innovation and indulgence. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or you're in search of a culinary adventure, our exciting, expertly crafted menu has Flavours for you.

You can find a Flavour Trailer Food Truck at a variety of locations across Northants. Just head to our truck map page to find your favourite spot.

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